Feeling Lazy or Sad After Vacation? That is Post-Vacation Blues

Holiday is already passed, you’re enjoying every second of it. 
You don’t even mind getting stuck in long traffic jam, or paying an expensive ticket for mass transportation. You are totally out of your routines.

Now you’re back with your loved ones.
The passion from sharing your story to your friends at social media like Path or Instagram slowed down. The intensity of your adrenaline rush brought about by traveling is significantly reduced.
Home sweet home! You’re back with routines, like stuck in the city traffic or dealing with clients and pending works.

Suddenly, you feel something is not right, something feel weird.  
You feel sad that you’re back. 
That feeling is called post-travel blues. Yes, it is real and most people even professional travelers (travel journalist or blogger) can attest to this.

Is this normal?
Yes, this is normal. 
Many people who travel on vacation/holiday find themselves experiencing post-vacation blues, also known as post-vacation or post-travel depression. This condition is marked by an overall decrease in well-being and work productivity following a satisfying vacation. Having to get back into the routine of work, school, and daily life in general can be a source of distress, disorientation and discomfort. 
However unpleasant it may be, though, the post-vacation blues can be overcome with a little determination, some perspective, some insight on lessons learned from vacation, and a little self-care.

So is there a way to avoid it?
Maybe we don’t need to avoid it. After all, let’s think it is a good thing. Post vacation blues can open your eyes on what we need to change, so we “don’t sleep” thru our lives doing unimportant things. This symptom can teach us to be more aware of where we sacrifice ourselves unnecessary. This also reminds us to be mindful of where we compromise too much and help us to find our passions.

I need to go back to work but my mind is still in another place. How I can overcome this?
Your mind maybe is still in euphoria from traveling, but your body is now in the office. You tried to explain the best explanation to your friend, but words feel flat. Your friend could not understand what you were saying at that time.

Nah, there are three techniques or ways on how you coped with post-travel blues

1. Plan your next travel adventure.
When you suffer from post-travel sadness, try to plan your next travel in the future. Read some travel blogs to get tips & tricks. Search cheapest fare deals for your next target destination. Watch travel videos on YouTube to get inspiration and motivates you. Planning your next adventure provides yourself with just the right amount of fuel of excite adrenaline that just slowed down drastically.

In a way, it can motivates you to move forward, and slowly accept that your travel adventure has ended. But at the same time, it forces you to focus in your reality, which is work. In order to travel, you need money. And in order to have money, you need to work.

2. Allocate additional days to adjust your mind with reality
Three days ago you were in your hometown, laughing and talking with your parents and big family and now you are facing laptop, opening an excel sheet or word document that you need to review. Suddenly shifting to a normal working life can “shock” everyone.

So in your next travel, allocate additional two days after your return from travel so you can re-acclimate yourself from the usual things that you do. It also gave you time to rest, and absorb all the things that you just experienced during the trip.
      3. Document your travels
Another trick to help ease post-travel sadness is by documenting your vacation. Freeze the moment! Each photo you’ve take contains memory, emotion and story. Try to write all your vacation experiences on diary, blog/vlog. You can always go back to your diary/blog/vlog and remember all the travel adventures you’ve had! *wink* (sp2d)

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  1. nice tips and thank you for sharing. indeed, people need vacation to refresh their mind but some don't realize that it might have a negative impact such as post-travel blues. Is there any surveys about how long does that syndrome influencing us, Shinta?

    1. I haven't searched about how long this syndrome affects us, Pak... I wrote this based on my own experience. But i usually have post vacation blues for about 1-2 days. Some of us may not experience it, some of us may took it longer.

    2. I always have this syndrome on monday, and it affects me 'til thurday. when I get my mood back then it's friday already :D

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    1. Nice share Shinta...we can't feel the post-travel blues if we undergo the travel itself. But this is not good at all. People need a vacation or break the daily routine activities. But I agree with your advice to have that feel. we can avoid but we should be grateful for our vacation time. It will helps us keep aware for Allah's creations and blessings. Thanks for its tip

    2. we can undergo....I mean (correction)

  3. Is this related to mood swings?