Weirdest Football

Summer Football (koleksi pribadi) 

Gothia Cup is a football championship for youths around the world held in Gothenburg annually. Today, I supported Indonesian club in its match with a Swedish club. Because it is a game for clubs and not for countries, thus I can find a teenager from Papua (eastern most part of Indonesia) plays for Sweden. The match ends with score 8-0 for Indonesia, so we can see another match tonight at 8 o’clock.

When I was waiting for the bus alone, 12 team players approached and recognized me as their rival supporter. One of them said, “Indonesia?” and I said yes. To my surprise, he said, “Eid Mubarok!” then I did not know either to answer in English or Swedish since it is an Arabic phrase. I said spontaneously, “Makasih” which means thanks. The boys went away with puzzled look and I felt a little bit shame saying something they did’t understand.

This is what happens when you have a football match on Lebaran Day in a faraway country. Add that with a dark Papua boy who plays with a bunch of blonde Swedes, surely it was memorable for me as the "Weirdest Football" I've ever watched.

Scores (screenshot) 

PS: The event took place in summer 2015. We lost in 1/16 final for a match with Italian juniors. I thought it was unfair. The boys were exhausted after 6 games in-a-row within just 4 days (see table). Matching them with Juventus youths was a dangerous decision. However, finally Indonesia became The World Champion of Gothia Cup in 2016.

2016 results: (ASIOP Apacinti)

(Sebagaimana pernah ditulis pada laman pribadi)

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