What to notice: Pick up your skin care and cosmetics products

Not everybody is born and grew with the same skin; the color tone, the appearance, the moisture, and the problem they face. A person might be having good and glowing natural, perfect skin, while the others face acne and big pores, drying, and oily ones. Talking about skin and appearance is like talking about love: very personal.
Thinking about our look is actually a form of selfishness. Yes, it’s a very normal for me (in the normal range) and even it’s in particular circumstance needed more than as an additional beautifer but as a way to be keeping “exist”, sometimes. It sounds too far to say that. Imagine you are an artist, your care of how your skin look will be expected higher than a nonpublic figure.
The way we love our skin and look is different in one person to another. Since everybody has their own priority and perspective in looking upon life. A woman might be loving to take care of her kids and households only and a bit ignoring her looks, while the other is very care of her skin and appearance. Its not a true of false matter, for me. It is more on choice and priority, as i am not a skin care and cosmetics mania as well :p
Then, when you choose to “do” something more to your beloved asset namely skin, there are some points that you might be considering:
First, if you are a moslem, you need to know whether the skin care or cosmetics product are halal certified or not. Some products are just so tempting yet they are not halal certified. You might be aware of, maybe gelatine, a  pure protein and a natural foodstuff which is made from the skins of pigs and cows or from demineralized animal bones. They contain the collagen protein that we use to manufacture gelatine[1]. Gelatine is not always not halal, yet it shall be know whether the gelatine used in the skin products are halal or not.

Second, we should be asking whether this is safe or not? For example, some products are said to contain over hydroquinon and also has mercury in it. Hydroquinon is used to lighten the skin and it is harmful if used overdose. Mercury is also found in many cosmetics products. It could give serious impact to health, not only for the person use that cosmetics, but also for their children who holds towel or handclothes that is contaminated with mercury[1]. Mercury in soaps, creams, and other cosmetics products also could contaminate the water. The wastewater enters the environment and the food chain as highly toxic methylmercury in fish. Pregnant women who consume fish containing methylmercury transfer the mercury to their fetuses, which can later result in neurodevelopmental deficits in the children[2]. In Indonesia, to be simple we could say that “safe measure” refers to whether the products are listed in the BPOM (Indonesia National Agency of Drug and Food Control). In 2017, there are more than 37 thousand cosmetics products got their distribution permit. You might be interested to check the BPOM registration number through this link: http://cekbpom.pom.go.id/. Be careful that the registration number has a chance to be faked too.

Third, it’s lovely to know before buying, whether the product presumably will match your skin or not. Some products are very attractive for its benefits offer, or might be from the cute packaging they have. However, if possible, its so lovely if we could ask for small sample of it or to seek for some reviews. Today, there are so many beauty blogger reviewing cosmetics and skin care products. Thanks a lot for internet access! Last but not least, if you can, please buy those products in the trusted seller to avoid falsification products.

Well, i am not a beautie junkie nor an expert. It was just a slight memo that i need to write for you, beautiful!



PS: I use Nu Skin, herbal product, wardah, and zoya

[1] https://www.gelita.com/en/knowledge/gelatine/what-is-gelatine
[2] https://www.fda.gov/ForConsumers/ConsumerUpdates/ucm294849.htm
[3] http://www.who.int/ipcs/assessment/public_health/mercury_flyer.pdf

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