Sophistication of Nature

We cannot see light
but without light, we cannot see things

We can only see “evidence of light”
As every surface absorbs, disperses, or bounces light waves …
into colors and shapes we all know

With the help of the speed of light
I can write this message
and broadcast it online in real time

We cannot touch the sun
But without sun, we are all dead

Sun radiates energy to Earth
Spreading through food chains
And converting into many forms of energy … or as they say “calories”

We cannot live without air
But we cannot keep
all of air to ourselves too

Air is most useful when it flows free
It regulates pressures
It helps chemical reactions
It cools temperature
It reduces moist

Some things are dangerous
When they are “alone”
See, hydrogen and oxygen alone are highly flammable as element
But together, they become water
The friendliest molecule for life

Some things are dangerous
When they are “together”
Combine potassium with water
Then you will have explosion

But how come banana is safe?
nutritious and delicious ….
It contains a lot of potassium
and hydrates with water too

Just have a look around
then you will find
how sophisticated and beautiful
the nature is

I hope we can learn.


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