The Lonely Statue

Come and visit Odaiba! Along the trip by taking Yurikamome line, you will see an artificial beach with unbelievable beauty. To get to the beach, just get off in Daiba station and feel the sensation of modernized life and its chemistry with natural scenery. 

'Liberty statue' of Odaiba
There is a unique statue stands tall there and it looks like the liberty statue in New York. Fenced by green trees in the border of the sea, it’s truly an attracting icon for tourists to keep their memorable moment by taking pictures with this statue.

However, I look at this statue as a lonely one. There’s a peaceful sea ahead with a strong lovely Rainbow bridge across it, couples hold hands with cheerful faces, children run and laugh happily, group of people talk and smile to each other, but this statue….? It can only stand there days and nights, sunny and rainy, windy or dried, with no expression, and can’t ever feel the happiness surround it. 

And the more annoying thing is, it must carry those heavy books in its left hand and uphold the torch in its right hand. Thanks God it’s just a statue, because it must be exhausting to do such thing for human for years … 😊

Well, once in your life… you might feel you’ve been carrying such a heavy burden on your shoulder. Failures, problems, challenges, conflicts, anger, sadness, and being away from your comfortable life make you feel that you are the only poor guy in the world. 

You can’t enjoy the happiness that people around you share, you can’t see how colorful the world is, you can’t hear a lovely voice of the pigeon singing, you can’t feel the worthiness of one sunny day in winter, and then, you can’t even say one good thing to expel your gratitude to your Creator. 

Oh, no! Don’t get drown too far. Look at around you; find friends and a good community. Friends who will always happily ask how your life is going, the ones who can encourage you, and always say, “Sure we can!” with their smiley faces, and people who can inspire you with their unswerving efforts without saying any complaints. Don’t forget, at least you have your beloved family who really care and support you for your goodness! 

Life is just a flat boring thing without challenges and problems. Once we try to just go through it as we can, we’ll make it as a memorable history. So, if you pass by the Daiba beach and you see the ‘liberty’ statue, you can promise to yourself that YOU are not that lonely statue!🌾

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  1. No, the statue is not lonely .... it is just seems to be alone. Loneliness feels greater in the crowds because we pretend to blend in with superficials. But some people prefers to enjoy solitary moments because it is real and honest, and in my opinion ... that is true connection like.

    1. That is truly wise and real, Embun. Thank you for revealing the other insight of being alone :))