Deed and Intention

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Once talking about good deed which we believe leading to reward from God, no one shall be proud nor fully knows how much reward from good deed they do, thus no one knows how much she/he has "saved" for the hereafter. We, as a human being, lack of knowledge to count or to cheat what have been written by Rakib and Atid. Eventhough someone has given all her/his wealth in Allah way, she/he cannot make sure that the good thing done is counted as we thought it to be.Yes, positive thinking is great, yet at the other side we have to realize; we don't really know whether our deed is accepted or not.

That is why we are warned about "keeping intention". A good moslem actually is required do good deeds for the sake of Allah; not only at the beginning but also in the further. We are banned to do good deeds for our pride, nor to show others that we are good moslem.

Then why our intention becomes important to notice. Could we say, only good people will intent to do good deeds for the sake of Allah? He knows better. Now our "difficult" number one task is to get us done something with a good intention.


Could we maintain this good intention as time goes by? Since good deeds done with a good intention could be vanished anytime our "good" intention changes.So the number two task is how to keep this good intention lives in good deed we did.

Such a difficult things to do

But (again)

Too pessimistic to say "too hard"..

at the end, we all just try..
the final decision is solely right of Allah

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