An INFJ Learns Typology

Currently, I am learning typology. It is like rolling down into a rabbit hole with all of its beautiful metaphors and terminologies. Not only I should memorize the 16 mnemonics, it is almost like a song that is better to just sing along than to remember the lyrics. It may sound cliché, but the more I learn typology then the more I know things are not as simple as they may have seemed. There are dominant, auxiliary, tertiary, and inferior functions of each personality type. It shows different ways of people to get and use their mental energy; to obtain, sort and process information; and also to make a decision and to do an action according to these information they have. All in all, at least there are 16 ways of doing this. How interesting!
What I knew later is that everyone is not bound only to 4 functions in a type. People have all the combination of 8 introverted/extroverted functions, but what distinguish between types is the levels of its strength and the order of functional stacks. Just like automobiles, basically every personality type has all the basics, but there are specific automobiles for specific terrains and purposes. There are cars for racing arenas, off-roads, inner cities, suburbs, deserts, or even water bodies. So is the same with personality; each of us will thrive and shine in a perfect time and place.
I took 3 different tests at 3 different places, and all of them signify that I am an INFJ. Thus, I concluded that my dark side is my ‘Se’ … only to know that I was wrong. An inferior function does not equal to bad traits; it only implies a strength which one has less control or less conscious of it. INFJs extroverted sensing is much as a strength as their introverted intuition. They absorb everything, the good and the bad. Thus, it is a blessing and a curse at the same time. So if I want to know about my dark sides at all, I should care more on my ‘shadow functions’. Basically, it is all the opposite of normal functions. So, the darkest of all for an INFJ is the ‘Si’.
Typology introduces me to vultology, socionics, and all the jargons. Then suddenly psychology, neurology, technology, and sociology are all emerged and tangled in the web for science. Basically, the idea is that human psyche manifests itself in physical and facial expressions. However, it may seem unnatural to watch human expressions without context. Therefore, what happens inside (neurology) and outside (sociology, technology) may have the same importance with the notion of ‘psychology’ itself.
Interestingly, there is a webtool to determine one’s personality only by sample of one’s twitter posts, webpage or blog. I think it is fascinating. Just check it out in More tools can be found in I cannot help to giggle when the tool asserted that one of my blog posts had been written by a 65-year-old man. But I guess it only justifies the widely held notion that INFJs are social chameleons; thanks to ‘Fe’ function. This is also confirmed further by the tests on 3 of my blogs; revealing ISFP, ISTP, and ESTJ respectively … still hiding this INFJ chameleon.

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