Dreaming Alive

I sit by the lake, watching
Glimmering sun rays setting
Across the woods
While winds are dancing
Above the sparkling water

Darkness and light collide
And I can feel and taste the rain
Before it falls at dawn
Beneath the sky

It is all slow and calm
It is all quiet and serene
Wishing it would never ends
Dreaming while awake, feeling alive

I sit in my cubicle
Notes are stacking
Keyboards are clicking
Telephones are ringing

People are talking
Figures are moving
Speakers are sounding
Screens are flickering

It is all of the hushes and the rushes
It is all on the dense and tenses
I said to myself, “This is unreal”
Like a bad dream, while I am awake

So what is real? What is unreal?
How could in the mysteries of nights,
I feel more alive?
Have we all been living, afterall?

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