Day 10 in 2020

Hari ke-sepuluh di 2020
Masih marak saja status di media sosial yang menyapa dengan ucapan Happy New Year atau sekedar bikin caption dengan sederet resolusi yang tentunya lebih berisi semangat baru beserta doa-doa untuk capaian yang lebih baik dalam berbagai hal.

So do I,
2019 went by just in the blink of the eyes, it gave me bunch of stories. I made great work achievements while at the same year I also quitted my prestige position (at least, that what some people think of), my eldest reached her great awards both at her social and academic lives, while few months after my only son decided to leave his Senior High and preferred to take a-home-schooling program, I acrossed countries for 10 days by myself and 2 months later also took a big study tour group of my own business, which then put me in trouble since my boss thought I betrayed the institution, I went back and forth to hospitals for my fragile health while I also finally finished the renovation of our own house, I got contact of my unttouchable ‘prince’ through a unique link while then I was proposed by my teenaged boy friend, and so on and so on ...

God is the best planner ever, who always works in His mysterious ways. Those ups and downs have not all been smooth sailing indeed, but finally I come to this year. Looking back at those paths teach me on how to be much stronger and put family as priority.

2020, as other people declare their wishes ... I would start to do whatever I love to, I would neglect what people think and say about me then build my self-love, I would stay away from any toxic environment, I would smaller my circle only with those who spread positive vibes, and among all, I would present my very best gratefulness to the Almighty.

I am now become older. Thinking of preparing my ‘everlasting life’ sometimes makes me trembled since there are millions of dreams playing around my head teasing me to glorify more on ‘earth’.


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